GNOME-Shell screencast

Since I’m short on time to make a proper blog post about the current state of gnome-shell I made a screencast showing how it is at the moment.

It’s expected to change a lot in the next months because there have been new mock-ups about workspace management, so this video won’t probably be up-to-date for a long time.

This screencast was made using gnome-shell built-in desktop recording features. Gnome-shell (and 24 other gnome modules, OUCH! ) was built from git today (24-11-2010), running in Fedora 14. Note that the screencast recording makes gnome-shell much slower than it really is, so be assured it runs faster then it seems in the video. Also, the corruption that can be seen when dragging a window from one workspace to the other only shows in the video itself.

Here it goes, feel free to comment!

OGV version here.


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  1. Why didn’t you use the overview-relayout branch?

    Just append

    branches[“gnome-shell”] = (None, “overview-relayout”)

    to ‘.jhbuildrc-custom’ and rebuild.

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