Quotes from Manituana

For later reference, here are some quotes from Manituana by wu ming, the book I’m still currently reading. Some make you think, some are corrosive, others are just plain funny. To be updated with new quotes as I find them.

Two opposite views of two men in the beginning of a great journey.

If you cant get back to your starting point , your only choice is to continue . To go on, force yourself onward.

…. men convince themselves that they have choices, but the road they take is always the only one at their disposal.

About 18th century London, the imperial capital of the British Empire.

I think these roads and houses are in fact the buttoks of Empire. They possess all the characteristics of the backside and its orifice: here is discharged every resource that the Empire sends to us.

An English aristocrat talking about what being an aristocrat is about (in 18th century London)

So, being an aristocrat means acting with total impunity, despite all the evidence.


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