Obrigado wm1/Thanks wm1

Vou escrever este post em inglês por ser uma resposta e um agradecimento ao comentário de wm1 um dos autores de “Q o caçador de hereges”.

I want to thank wm for the comment you made in my blog. It is writen in portuguese and that only made your comment more unexpected. I was very happy whem I read it. You confirmed what I tought was true: the portuguese editor was doing something ilegal with your book! I’m glaad it won’t be edited that way anymore, I enjoyed the brasilian edition, but someday would like to buy a good portuguese edition, you know, portuguese PT is a bit diferent and we feel more confortable reading PT. Beside that the BR edition is very good! It is better not to have a PT edition then having a bad one. Actualy I got to know the book when I saw the book in the editor bookshop. I got interested and browsed the web to get information about it and got to know the Luther Blisset Project and Wu Ming. The book was very expensive and I realised that they made two volumes, wen in other countrys they sold only one… thought it was strange at least. I downloaded the PDF and began reading it… it was a strange at the beginning but then, couldn’t stop reading. I’m iniciating myself in the “free” world, Q was the first step. Linux, firefox, wikipedia… The future, we hope. Thanks for the great book, haven’t read your others… yet! Good job!

Podem todos fazer o download do PDF em http://www.wumingfoundation.com

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