Do you want a “show desktop” button in docky?

If  you do, this post is for you!

How do you get one? First this show desktop button ONLY works with compiz (for now at least). Here goes the instructions:

1 – Activate desktop effects aka compiz

2 – Activate the dbus plugin

2 – Download my python script, save it somewhere safe and make executable.

3 – Create a menu entry for the script in GNOME’s main menu and assign a nice desktop icon from a theme of your choise

4 -Add the menu entry to your docky.

5 – Enjoy your new “show desktop” botton!

Here goes the absolutely necessary screenshot :)


10 thoughts on “Do you want a “show desktop” button in docky?

  1. great app, been looking for this for a while. ive followed instructions, only bug is that the icon i choose (ive tried several) doesn’t move to docky from the main menu, the generic springboard icon appears instead. any suggestions?

  2. I had basically the same problem as gareth. Here’s how I solved it (not all steps were actually necessary, it’s just what I did in the process of discovering the solution):

    1. right click on the “show desktop” icon in the applications menu and select “add this launcher to desktop”

    2. right click on the launcher on the desktop, click the icon (showing the wrong icon) and select a desktop icon from /usr/share/icons/*any random theme*/scalable/places. (at this point the icon showing on the desktop corrected itself and I discovered that when I moved it to the gnome-do dock, it displayed the proper desktop icon)

    3. move the launcher to a more preferable location in the File System (I chose /usr/bin)

    4. click the launcher (now in its new location) and drag it to the Gnome-Do dock.

    Now everything should be set!

  3. Well, thanks… :). This script is becomming obsolete since I think in gnome-do has already a native button that does this in trunk.

    Anyway glad my amazingly awesome script is helpful.

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