Using Debian Lenny AMD64 version

I have an Acer desktop with an Atlhon 2X 4000 64bit. It has 2G RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 6100. It’s not a supercomputer, but it runs well.

I’ve had Ubuntu 64bit and 32bit, and Debian (32bit) on it, and I decided to try 64bit Debian. Ubuntu 64bit does not have a visible performance boost and the usual problems with proprietary software (flash, java plugin, skype) drove me back to 32bit Ubuntu. Now, gnash is much better and I really don’t use skype or java plugins allot.

So I decided to give Debian 64bit a try. All this talk is just to say that I’m loving it. Apparently the performance is not very different from the 32 bit version, but boot is much faster (4 or 5 seconds) and the more resource hungry tasks are super fast.

Approving 2000 translation strings on Swordfish, a professional translation app written in Java (I’ll write about it someday), takes about 15 secs on 32 bit and on 64 only 3 secs! Memory usage seems to be better as well.

So, I’m happy with my 64bit Debian.

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