Gtranslator 1.9.5 debs

Gtranslator 1.9.5 is the latest beta release of what soon will be gtranslator 2.0, the renewed and improved .po files editor for the GNOME desktop. I’ve been testing the development and also packaging it. This time it took me a while to update the packages, but the other day I finally packaged 1.9.5. It is available at mt ppa. This time the package is only for Jaunty (sorry!) because this version depends on GTK gtk >= 2.16 which is only available in Jaunty.

I did not build the subversion plugin for two reasons: it needed subversion (of course!) as a dependency, and subversion is no longer the VCS used in GNOME (hello git).

Gtranslator is looking good, so give it a try!

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