Browser benchmarks! Chromium leading but ephy close!

I was curious to see how faster epiphany with the webkit backend was comparing to Firefox 3.5 since it feels much much faster. A quick google introduced me to a new browser benchmarking service: Peacekeeper. It makes several tests including rendering (of course 🙂 ), social websites performance, javascript etc.

The results vary according to the hardware you’re running of course. So if you make the test you will get different results from the ones I had. Besides epiphany and firefox I decided to try chromium as well. I haven’t used chromium in linux yet, so I did not new what to expect. Better then words, here are screenshots of the results.

Firefox 3.5.4

Epiphany 2.27.90


These tests where all done running Ubuntu 9.04 in a P4 with 1GB RAM. It’s not my main computer, I did during lunch hour at work. I’ll see how it goes with my Intel Dual Core @ 2.4GHZ.

It seems I’ll be using chromium more although ephy is doing great!

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