Blog facelift

While taking a break this afternoon I decided to change some things here at the blog. For a long time I was wanted to change the header image,  which was quite ugly and took a long time to load on slow connections (file too big). I felt like making the theme a bit more monochrome so I made a new header image in black and white with different fonts. By the way the title is Amerika sans and the rest is the Liberation Mono from the beautiful open source Liberation fonts (in a Linux distro near you). Besides aesthetics the choice wasn’t random, of course :).

The header looked pretty ugly with the blue links and tittles so, and thanks to the wonders of CSS, I changed some text colours to black, very dark greyish blue, grey and white, and that’s it: a refreshed theme. I want to make some more changes but those will take some more time and a bit more tweaking of CSS and maybe HTML so I’ll probably will have to install WordPress locally to do it when I have more time.


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