For future reference: Configure firefly daap server in Fedora

I have most of my music in my desktop computer and instead of duplicating all of that in he laptop I just serve the music with Firefly daap server.

With the failed update to Fedora 13 due to hardware failure I had to do a clean reinstall and reconfigure firefly. Here goes the how to for future reference and in case someone else finds it usefull.

Install mt-daapd:

# yum install mt-daapd

Configure music folder

# vim /etc/mt-daapd.conf
mp3_dir         /PATH/TO/MUSIC/FOLDER

You can configure here other things such as password to the web interface, port, server name etc.

The default port is 3689 so remember to open that port in the firewall.

If you don’t wan’t anyone else in your house to listen to your music you can set a password to listen to the shared music in /etc/mt-daapd.conf

#password       mp3

Start the service:

# service mt-daapd start

Fire up you media player that supports daap shares (most of the more popular players do like banshee, rhythmbox, amarok) and listen to you music.


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