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  • Hosting my owncloud

    Recently I decided to reduce the amount of information I store in cloud services such as Dropbox, using them only when absolutely necessary. Why? Very shortly: privacy, security, preference for FOSS (free and open-source software). I choose Owncloud as an alternative to file syncing and file redundancy since backups are always a bit late and […]

  • A correr LMDE no portátil

    LMDE?? Que merda é essa? Linux Mint Debian Edition é uma nova versão do Linux Mint, desta vez baseada em Debian Testing o que faz com que seja uma rolling distro (com ênfase em GNOME), algo que andava a desejar há anos! Sei que existe por exemplo o sidux mas suporta(ainda é assim?) apenas KDE e […]

  • How to configure a webdav server secured with openssl

    I needed a fast way to have people sharing documents and other data remotely. I wanted to avoid the cloud, I really rather having things locally at work. This was made in a Debian 5 (lenny) sever and pretty much works the same way for a recent Ubuntu server. I’ve done most of this in […]

  • Remote access using openssh and DynDNS

    I’m not a big fan of the “cloud” and having to rely on third party to store and sync my data. I prefer to have more control of my own things. Unfortunately static IP address are usually paid and not very cheap. I don’t want to pay for a static IP adress right now so […]