Firefox, you eat my RAM

Sometimes Firefox just wants me to use another browser. More then 600 MB for 4 tabs? What the Frack? I think I’ll try Chromium and Epiphany for a couple of days.

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Browser benchmarks! Chromium leading but ephy close!

I was curious to see how faster epiphany with the webkit backend was comparing to Firefox 3.5 since it feels much much faster. A quick google introduced me to a new browser benchmarking service: Peacekeeper. It makes several tests including rendering (of course 🙂 ), social websites performance, javascript etc.
The results vary according to the hardware you’re […]

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Wrong color in .png images in firefox 3.5b4 and 3.6 alfa

Strange annoying issue with development versions of Firefox. It only happened in one of my computers thought. in about:config just change gfx.color_management_mode from 2 to 0.
Normal colors again in png images 🙂

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Mais um site do governo não acessível a todos

Cada vez parece que o Estado português está mais vendido à microsoft. Para quem ainda duvidasse, a cada dia aparecem mais provas disso. Pior do que o estado estar vendido, é querer que nos vendamos também.
O resto deste post foi retirado porque o caso era um bug na aplicação que está a ser já foi […]

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