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  • Gtranslator 1.9.5 debs

    Gtranslator 1.9.5 is the latest beta release of what soon will be gtranslator 2.0, the renewed and improved .po files editor for the GNOME desktop. I’ve been testing the development and also packaging it. This time it took me a while to update the packages, but the other day I finally packaged 1.9.5. It is […]

  • Ppa’s do launchpad com chaves públicas

    Finalmente os ppa’s (pelo menos todos os que tenho nos repositórios) têm chaves públicas. Adeus aos avisos que os pacotes não podem ser autenticados.

  • Gtranslator 2 on my launchpad ppa

    One of the things I do more to support free software are translations. Having a good application to translate .po files is a big help in doing so. Unfortunately GNOME doesn’t have a really good .po editor application. Gedit is nice but it’s like a pocket knife, does a bit of everything but for some […]