Blog facelift

While taking a break this afternoon I decided to change some things here at the blog. For a long time I was wanted to change the header image,  which was quite ugly and took a long time to load on slow connections (file too big). I felt like making the theme a bit more monochrome so I made a new header image in black and white with different fonts. By the way the title is Amerika sans and the rest is the Liberation Mono from the beautiful open source Liberation fonts (in a Linux distro near you). Besides aesthetics the choice wasn’t random, of course :).

• • •

Blog OpenID enabled

Now this blog is OpenId enabled. Comments from people with an OpenId are accepted automatacly. I will also be using my new OpenId  as my main one If I only could remember all the services I’m subscribed using OpenId…

• • •

De volta ao meu tema de wordpress

Depois de ter testado um novo tema que tirei do wordpress themes, aqui no Omnia Sunt Communia. Voltei ao meu tema Lobeira, agora na verssão 0.2.2. Vou continuar a desenvolver este tema aos poucos e vou criar outro baseado no que estava a utilizar antes – Silky Blue. Não gostava das cores, mas gostava do layout. Vou alterar imagens, cores, algumas dimensões e outros pequenos pormenores para que saia um tema praticamente novo.

• • •
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