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  • Creating a website with drupal

    I’m currently building a website with Drupal. First I was thinking only on a small site with a bit of information, contacts, chance to upload files and some other simple features for a possible small business of mine. I will try to make people to register under the website to post possible jobs. I really […]

  • My self hosted blog ready

    Finally I have my self hosted blog as I want. This theme (Spot light) is not perfect, but it’s nice. It’s easy on eye. I haven’ deleted my old for now, but made it private so that search engines start indexing this site and the results show first. I hope this will work out. […]

  • My first wordpress installation!

    After being on for some months and a short passage in blogger, I decided to host my weblog. It’s a free host but it works with wordpress very well. Her’s the link. You have mySQL data-base and php. Also 250 MB storage an 100GB data transfer. It’s not bad for a free host! They […]

  • Que Raio!

    Não há um editor de blogues para linux que suporte tags do wordpress???? e já agora do blogger?